Our Programs

Health Care & Support

In a holistic approach to medicine and programming, RWN offers a variety of health care interventions at our Health Centers and through targeted projects.

Health issues addressed include:

  • Reproductive health
  • Sexual and gender-based violence
  • Shelter construction and rehabilitation
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • Care and support

Providing targeted health services lays the foundation for patients to freely participate in the other complimentary services RWN offers.

Education & Knowledge Sharing

Programming seeks to enhance women’s access to information in order to build their capacity to claim and enjoy their rights. Utilizes platforms that raise awareness of legal and human rights and provide formal and informal vocational training. Empowers women to identify injustices carried out towards them and take action.

Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention & Response

Programming empowers communities to actively address the issue of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in their communities. RWN provides:

  • Psychological support and counseling, raising awareness of human rights and existing legislation that denounces GBV
  • Safe spaces for victims and survivors of GBV
  • Referral service for legal and medical issues

Governance & Leadership

  • Provision of trainings to strengthen women’s leadership skills and ensure women actively participate in decision making activities within their communities
  • Enhancement of citizen and community leadership relations through platforms for dialogues that influence policy development, change and implementation.

Socio-Economic Empowerment

Provision of capacity development through financial credits for income generating activities and small scale businesses (establishment of voluntary savings and loan associations).

Engagements include:

  • Assembly and distribution of environmentally friendly save80 stoves
  • Soap and flour production
  • Knitting and weaving

RWN’s focus is to promote women’s empowerment by strengthening strategies that empower Rwandan women through the use of diverse approaches.

Networking & Advocacy

Networking and advocacy forms one of RWN’s important activities, as it articulates RWN activities and promotes linkages between Rwandan women and regional and international programs and/or organisations.

Voluntary Community Participation

RWN considers community participation as a strategy of involving beneficiaries, network members and other stakeholders voluntarily in the process of solving their own issues, as a result RWN has critical mass of trained peers, counsellors, paralegals and women space facilitator who play key roles as first lineworkers in diverse issues.

Gender Mainstreaming

RWN strengthens the capacity of staff and partners in mainstreaming gender through building internal capacity for gender monitoring and evaluation and developing specific gender interventions such as gender and HIV/AIDS

Creation of Women Safe Spaces

RWN provides safe spaces for women around Rwanda to engage on key issues, connect with other women and support each other for collective change. RWN has over 20 spaces which are run by women space facilitators who are equipped with facilitation and advocacy skills.