Rwanda Women’s Network Co-ordinated Spaces for Dialogue & Advocacy.

Rwanda CSO SDG5 Forum

The Rwanda CSO SDG5 Forum is a collective of 30 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working on diverse human rights issues in Rwanda under the cross-cutting theme of gender and women’s empowerment. The forum’s role is to contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Global agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aims towards the realization of sustainable development globally: economic prosperity, social welfare, political development and environmental sustainability.

The forum provides a platform for CSOs to enhance their engagement with various development partners and grassroots communities in order to successfully deliver on the ambitious targets of the SDGs and ensure that no one is left behind.

Download the brochure (PDF file, 522K)

African Network of Women Shelters (ANWS)

A continent-wide organization with membership drawn from across Africa. Hosted by Rwanda Women’s Network, the ANWS aims to ensure availability of women’s centres and safe spaces across Africa, as well as raise awareness about womenís rights and their right to be free from violence.

The ANWS came into being in February 2012 following a resolution by the African Caucus during the 2nd World Conference on Women Shelters held in Washington DC.

The ANWS is an affiliate of the Global Network of Women Shelters (GNWS).


Rwanda Women’s Network and Kvinna Till Kvinna embarks on a feminism awareness initiative focusing on raising awareness and understanding of feminism in the African and more specifically Rwandan context.

The initiative dubbed FEMDialogues includes informal public dialogues and bring attention to day to day issues that affect women and girls and perpetuate negative social norms, gender inequality and discrimination.