The RWN offers medical services, with the main focus areas being gender-based violence, HIV/Aids, mental and reproductive health. Health lays the foundation for the clients to be able to fully participate in the other complimentary services in a holistic approach. The approach to health management equips the women to lead positive and productive lives.

Palliative Care :

Health services include palliative care and end of life support where unemployed youth are trained by retired nurses and deployed to communities where there is need. This addresses the unemployment gap through job creation.

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Socio economic empowerment

Among RWN’s important complimentary activities include improving socio-economic welfare of the women through capacity building and promoting voluntary saving towards the formation of grassroots savings and credit cooperative societies (SACCOS). This includes grant-making for start-ups in small and medium businesses. Income generating activities increase their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing their health concerns. Support includes improving the welfare of vulnerable and orphaned children (OVC), some of whom receive educational support, vocational training and psychosocial support.

RWN Social Economic Empowerment

Education and awareness

Education and awareness raising is an all encompassing activity that includes empowerment on all issues that affect women towards gender equality. This includes a special program that engages men as strategic partners. This is with the realization that not much may be achieved in gender equity with men’s involvement.


Networking and advocacy

Networking and advocacy forms one of RWN’s important activities, as it articulates RWN activities and promotes linkages between Rwandan women and regional and international programs and/or organizations. RWN does research-based advocacy, for instance on land among other gender-based issues. Affiliation to local, regional and international networks assists RWN and its members gain in learning opportunities, networking, solidarity building and establishing working relationships. Consequently, RWN and its achievements have gained wide recognition as a model in community development that can be replicated globally.

RWN Advocacy