The Euroleverage Project

The Euroleverage Project is collaboration between RWN and the German development organisation, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevoelkerung (DSW), to enhance access in family planning services. Euroleverage advocates for increased budgetary allocations from the European Union, national and sub-national governments to address the unmet need for family planning. RWN with DSW support aims to leverage funds for family planning by targeting both the supply and the demand side of EU and the Rwanda government, while tracking the impact at the sub-national level in Gatsibo District (see 2013 FP policy and budget Brief).


The Overall Objective

To increase civil society organisations (CSO’s), local community and identified FP champions’ understanding of the budgeting process, their role to participate in local budgeting process and how to monitor the progress of government decision-making regarding FP budget allocations.