Vision, Mission and Goals


The Network’s vision is for a healthy, empowered and peaceful Rwandese society.


RWN’s mission is to work towards improvement of the socio-economic welfare of women in Rwanda through enhancing their efforts to meet their basic needs.


1. Tolerance and co-existence
2. Respect and value for humanity
3. Integration (honesty, transparency, accountability)
4. Gender sensibility
5. Non-partisanship, non-discrimination
6. Equality and justice
7. Commitment to success and excellence
8. Partnership and collaboration
9. Environmental friendliness


1. To increase access to and utilisation of quality heathcare services by vulnerable women, their families & communities
2. To promote mental health wellness for women, men and youth
3. To enhance knowledge and skills for youth, women and communities to achieve their full potential
4. To enhance economic empowerment of vulnerable women, their families & communities towards gender equality
5. To improve protection of women and youth from gender based violence
6. To increase the capacity of women in decision making, communities to engage and demand their rights as well as build the capacity of the duty bearers to respect, protect, promote and fulfil these rights
7. To enhance organizational capacity to deliver its objectives and strengthen its relationship with partners